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The Ruins of Gede are the remains of a Swahili city, dating back to the 12th century and then rebuilt in the 15th and 16th centuries. This last reconstruction coincides with the emigration of many citizens of Kilwa to Mombasa, Malindi and places along the coast that brought it to over 2500 people.The city was and is immersed in the vegetation of the Arabuko Sokoke with city walls that separated the bourgeois class from ordinary citizens. In the rich part of the city there are still mosques, the sultan's palace and many houses where objects from all over the world have been found.The ruins of Gede were declared a National Monument in 1927 and declared a National Park in 1948.An ancient legend says that anyone who ruins or removes anything is haunted by evil spirits ... so watch out


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  • For those who love history

  • You can take lots of pictures with the monkeys

  • Half a day away from the sea

  • You can combine it with the Blue Safari among the Mangroves


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we will move from your village or private home to the city of Gede.

Here a local guide will immerse you in the history of Swahili culture and this ancient civilization, transporting you to the ruins to discover their uses and the places where they lived daily.

At the entrance to the park there is a museum where you can observe all the objects found on the site and you can also get to know many small monkeys in the area.

After the tour we will return in a short time given the short distance between Gede and Watamu.

Price Includes:

  • Local guide

  • Transportation to / from your home

  • Local guide

  • Transportation to / from your home

  • Entrance to the archaeological si

  • Insurance


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  • What is not specified in the "what is included" paragraph

Recommended clothing:

  • Comfortable shoes

  • T-shirts and shorts

  • Camera